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Please email me with any questions or for specific systems or service:

Make sure your Antivirus, Spyware and Microsoft updates are current.

Seen Windows 8? Not impressed? Don't panic, nobody else is either!!
You don't have to suffer with it on your next desktop- I still build them with good old reliable Windows 7!
YWhy not give me a call and have me quote you a price for a great Win 7 PC and all the goodies you need with it, like a monitor or printer.
Get your current PC checked for Malware-Spyware-Trojans, or other nasty intruders!  Give me 972.679.5189 or email me to schedule a visit!


Specials this month:

27" LED Monitor $325 installed

Miscellaneous Digital Cameras 16 megapixes 5X-10X Zoom. Have Canon and Olympus Models for $100 


  • PC System for Home or Business

AMD Or Intel Processors

4 gig (minimum) DDR3 RAM

500 gig Hard Drive (or Better)  

18X DVD +RW, Lots of USB 2.0 (and 3.0) ports

Mouse, Keyboard, Speakers Windows 7

Most Home systems under $450

Customizable for your needs